Aging Skin

What is collagen and why do we need it?

When we hit our 20’s, we lose about 1% of our collagen each year (just with the aging process alone, not including environmental factors (sun damage, weather, etc.), lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, skin care routines, smoking, alcohol, etc.), genetic components (what our parents gave us). When we hit our 30’s and 40’s it’s even greater. Here’s why… When we are younger, our epidermis (outer layer of skin) is supple, vibrant and our dermis (middle layer of skin) is thicker, firm, and more flexible. As we age and approach 40, it begins to reverse, our epidermis begins to harden, losing that youthful appearance and dermis becomes thinner and weakens. The loss of collagen and elastin causes sagging skin, lines and wrinkles to become evident.

The key is prevention, which includes good at-home skin care routines, regular, professional facials, daily sunscreen (even in the colder months), quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake. Additionally, incorporating micro-needling or collagen induction therapy into your skincare routine may be the best-kept secret in maintaining that youthful appearance.

Nicole Winterhalter, Nurse Practitioner


Nicole Winterhalter

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Aging Skin

What is collagen and why do we need it? When...
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