At-Home Spa Treatments for a Fun Girl’s Night-In

We all have different skincare needs. When you think of applying masks, what do you usually have in mind? For me, a cup of tea, some candles, PJ’s, cozy slippers, soaking in the tub with a few bath bombs (without kids), maybe even hanging out with the girlfriends, if we are so fortunate as most of us are usually “running around on empty” by the end of the day. It’s typically a night home dedicated to pure relaxation. This is fun… just make sure it’s time well spent.

Here’s some valuable information to remember.

  • When choosing cleansers think of the healing agents your skin is in need of.
  • When choosing bedtime routines, agents needed for cell renewal such as retinol and retinoids (Vitamin A).
  • When choosing a mask, mud masks are somewhat hydrating, not too drying and overall okay for most skin types. Clay masks are good for oily skin and assist with breakouts. Creams hydrate. The outer layer of your skin, epidermis is there for protection and it does exactly that allowing products to really penetrate only so deep.

My recommendation is to skip the apricot scrub or charcoal mask and focus on what your skin is really in need of. The ingredients the skin is usually in need of include chemical exfoliants (glycolic, lactic acid, retinol), which assists with dullness, removes excess oils and unclogs pores. The second ingredient is antioxidants like Vitamin C which helps prevent premature aging and helps brighten. The third are peptides such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, which improves skin tone, making the skin more supple and plump. Remember; always apply serums prior to lotions and/or creams for greatest absorption.
When it comes down to it, don’t choose the treatment that is most appealing to you or what everyone is raving over, choose the one that will be most beneficial for your individual needs and never skimp on sunscreen.
Nicole Winterhalter, Nurse Practitioner

Nicole Winterhalter

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